We All Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends:


Kim Kirkley

You are getting married and blown away by the way your friends and family receive your good news! When you think about your big day and your vows, you know you want something meaningful and distinct -- something that feels like the two of you. Of course, weddings tend to be pricey so you may also be thinking about your budget. How do you fulfill your vision without breaking the bank? You may be thinking well we don’t have a clergy person in our lives but we do have eloquent, warm, witty friends. They know  us. They love us. We love them! Let’s ask a friend to officiate! It’s a win-win! Or is it?

I get calls from friends who have been drafted to officiate. They are usually nervous and clueless. Sometimes they even say, “I tried to get them to hire you.” They ask me to compress my many years of officiating knowledge into a nutshell. Although I help in the ways that I can, it’s impossible. Friends quickly see -- there is a lot more to creating and delivering a custom tailored ceremony than most people realize. Do you really want to send them on this journey when they could just be happy for you and enjoy your wedding? 

Adroit officiating calls for a highly specific set of skills. It relies on the knowledge of what makes a meaningful ceremony to the skill to write one and perhaps, most importantly, knowing how to deliver a ceremony that everyone can hear and feel. 

Here’s another challenge. In a friend-led ceremony, the friend is processing their emotions at the same time as they craft and deliver the ceremony. Marriage hasn’t always been good to everyone and no one knows what really goes on behind closed doors. You should be in agreement and certain about how your friend  feels about marriage, love, and commitment because, chances are their beliefs will be present in your ceremony, openly or subtly. In a Celebrant ceremony, you benefit from the expertise and professional distance of a ceremony expert. 

You may think that your friend's public speaking experience will seamlessly transfer to ceremonial speaking. It may or it may not. Delivering a ceremony is different than delivering a lecture, speech or poem. Do you want to test your friend's ceremonial speaking style during your once in a life-time event? That is up to you but I would not. Is your friend familiar with what it takes to create a full-ceremonial experience whether it is religious or not?  Most importantly, is your family willing to take a chance on an amateur at this once in a lifetime event? 

My favorite compliment that I receive time and time again is "How long have you known the couple? Because of the care and attention I offer, your guests will believe that I am a friend delivering your ceremony. And, because my process is tailored so that I only work with couples when the three of us click, by the time we begin to craft your ceremony, I am a friend as well as a ceremony professional. This is the best of both worlds. This is a win-win. With a professional Celebrant you have access to the heart of a friend and the expertise of a professional officiant. 

The truth is not every friend led ceremony is a success. I know because people tell me so. Often saying something like, “I wish my [insert loved one here] had called you.”

Here is my current favorite success story --  I was approached by a humanistic Buddhist groom and a Protestant yoga-loving bride. They didn’t know what to do or where to turn in order to create an authentic wedding ceremony experience. The groom was okay with one or 2 mentions of God and the bride wanted a ceremony that honored the Protestant traditions that she loved growing up. So here’s what we did -- we started by welcoming everyone to the gathering by giving reverence to God. We told a bit of their love story and then spoke about the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism because as a yoga-lover, the bride is studying Buddhism and that was something that they were exploring together. And then in the vows the bride took the groom “In the presence and awareness of God” and the groom took his vow “Giving reverence to life….”  It was a beautiful celebration that represented them to a T -- such a special ceremonial experience for all! Their ceremony was a living work of art dedicated to them, that they and their guests will treasure for a lifetime. 

Isn't that what every couple desires and deserves? 

Celebrants love friends and family and understand that your friends and families are your treasures! As the Beatles sang, “We get by with a little help from our friends.” However, for your ceremony, professional Celebrants would like you to do more than just “get by.” We seek to deliver ceremonies that get invoke a shared euphoric experience! One that leaves every one’s spirits elevated by love -- Elated with life! If you would like to check out how a Celebrant led ceremony can enliven your wedding,  please visit and schedule a no-obligation meeting with a Celebrant or, since I am happy to travel, visit my website, You will be glad you did! 

By the way, I am so certain of the quality of ceremony I deliver, I offer a “no questions asked” money back guarantee for every ceremony I deliver. In all of my years of officiating, no one has ever requested a refund. What happens if your friend flubs your big day? 

An International Love Story Times 2!

The Introduction

"You married us 10 years ago...." That's how one of my favorite email messages for all time began and it continued "My friends are getting married in New York City and I told them 'You have to get Kim!'"

That's how I met Natalie and Krystian! I I married their friends, Evelyn and Hannes a decade ago. I loved their shining hearts and sophisticated style.

Don't miss the bonus picture below! 

Celebrant Kim Kirkley with Austrian newlyweds, Evelyn and Hannes, Ladies Pavilion, Central Park

Celebrant Kim Kirkley with Austrian newlyweds, Evelyn and Hannes, Ladies Pavilion, Central Park

The Coaching

They say that birds of a feather flock together and Natalie and Krystian are just as wonderful! Krystian and Natalie loved that I have added virtual and in-person communication coaching to my offerings. Their final coaching session took place live in NYC and they glowed as they looked into each other eye's and shared what they admire and appreciate about each other!

On their way to exchange vows...   Image courtesy   A ngela Altus

On their way to exchange vows... 

Image courtesy Angela Altus

The Ceremony

I love the prayer we focused on just before they were declared husband and wife:

"We also pray that they may build a life that brings them balance, health, and wisdom as they venture through the trials and triumphs to come. May they continue to strengthen their bond of love and find a gentle peacefulness in being hand in hand, wherever life leads them. May their love serve as a living reminder of your love for each of us and all beings. We give thanks for all that has come before and all that will be as the days and years unfold. May everyone leave this celebration feeling even more blessed than when they arrived. Amen"

The vows...  Image courtesy   Angela Altus

The vows...

Image courtesy Angela Altus

The rings...  Image courtesy   Angela Altus

The rings...

Image courtesy Angela Altus

Photograph courtesy of    @angela_altus

Photograph courtesy of   @angela_altus

Photograph courtesy of   @angela_altus

Photograph courtesy of  @angela_altus

The First Family

Evelyn, Hannes and their children!

Evelyn, Hannes and their children!

Perhaps 10 years from now I will receive a beautiful picture of Natalie and Krystian with their children and a referral!

Here's to more love and more love story ceremonies!



Wedding Planner: Happily Ever After Events

Photographer: Angela Altus

Venue: Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

Flowers: The Plaza Hotel

Makeup: BrwnPaperDolli

Dress: Solaine Piccoli Vienna

Rings: K&K Hofjuwelier Köchert

Accomodations: The Plaza Hotel

Headpiece: Niely Hoetsch Headpiece

Such a terrific couple!

Such a terrific couple!

Advice for Other Couples Planning a Wedding? 

Plan together, include your fiancé and his dreams.

And, choose your celebrant, both for the civil and church ceremony wisely. We were so luckily recommended to Kim. She is amazing.

A Note from Kim

Are you a couple looking for a responsive wedding minister/Celebrant for your ceremony? Couples and their guests will tell you that Kim Kirkley of Our Elegant Ceremony is always the easy choice! An experienced ceremony specialist and communication coach, declared "The Officiant" by New York magazine, I love to help couples experience a wedding ceremony that is as special and meaningful as their relationship.  As we are all reminded of the transcendent power of love, yy goal is to create a singular experience where everyone feels more alive and euphoric than when the ceremony began! Contact me today for your no obligation, "get-acquainted" chat.

Agnieszka and John Featured Wedding Review!


Arch near King Jagiello statue, Central Park

An Intimate Central Park Wedding!

Since about 25 million people visit Central Park each year, the phrase "intimate Central Park wedding," may seem impossible. Having performed many, many weddings all over Central Park in places like the Ladies Pavilion, Bethesda Terrace and the Conservatory Gardens with park goers as witnesses and well-wishes, I wasn't sure Central Park could deliver. I am glad to report that I was wrong! My brilliant bride and groom found a quiet waterfront spot in this romantic, iconic, 843 acre oasis. Perhaps, even more magically they managed to find a location that aligns with the bride's culture!

In fact, every aspect of this thoughtful, non-religious couple's special day seemed to unfold effortlessly. Under clear skies, I met the couple and their two witnesses at the 79th Street and Fifth Avenue entrance to the Park. While walking to Turtle Pond, the wedding location, we passed under the gorgeous arch pictured above and where treated to a lovely version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow! 

A Cultural Connection

King Jaiello Statue, Central Park

King Jaiello Statue, Central Park

The Ceremony

Although the statue is being repaired and does not look like the gorgeous image in this post, the bride told me of how King Jaiello ushered in a golden age in Poland until thwarted by the Nazis. It was lovely to hear her speak of her homeland and learn a bit of this inspiring history. It was also fun to note that depending of the angle the legendary apartment building, the Dakota, and the Belvedere Castle, are a part of the background. 

Before we knew it we arrived at a serene spot along Turtle Pond. The wedding party and I formed a circle. We all teared up a bit as they exchanged the vows that each had written from the heart, honoring their 5-year journey of love and trust. Then I saluted them for all that they had experienced and heralded the grand adventure ahead as they go forward as husband and wife!


Agnieszka, John and Kim Kirkley, Celebrant

Agnieszka, John and Kim Kirkley, Celebrant

Wedding Crashers

However, everything was not hunky-dory. There was a trio of wedding crashers!


We decided to celebrate anyway!


P.S. The happy couple will revisit the statue of King Jaiello on their first anniversary!

Featured Wedding Review!





Giving their wedding a sophisticated and authentic feel was important to Nia Emani and Nigel Adams. They achieved this and so much more! In fact a photo from their reception is featured on WorldstarHipHop! (see below)


Although they met at Howard University, both are from New York State and it was important to them that their celebration take place in the Empire State. However, they now make their home in Southern California and the beach there is very important to them with this in mind, they chose the Surf Club on the Sound and my, did the Surf Club deliver! By the way, this was my first time at the Surf Club since Hurricane Sandy and it never looked better!

The Surf Club on the Sound, Credit:

The Surf Club on the Sound, Credit:


Nia and Nigel’s non-religious wedding ceremony is an event to be cherished because of their focus on the loving legacy they have inherited and are extending with their marriage. They enthusiastically took part in the relationship coaching sessions that I include in all of my full ceremony packages. Before my eyes I could see their already strong ability to communicate with each other become even more amplified and venerable. When their official wedding day arrived, there were beyond ready to celebrate their vows with their family and friends.


The groom was quite dapper in his fitted gold blazer. Escorted by her father, the beautiful bride stood before us. As we began, we honored both sets of parents for the many ways that they have nurtured their highly accomplished children’s happiness and growth.

Tears fell as I shared their love story. It began during their freshman year at Howard, extended through the groom’s service in the Navy and led them both to relocate to San Diego. Aside from their exchanging personalized vows, one of the highlights of the ceremony was the sand ceremony. Here is an excerpt:

Sand an enduring gift of the sea reminds them of their journey to each other and the legacy they are creating as they officially found their family. The sand Nigel is using is from San Diego, the place where they became engaged and where they make their home.  The sand Nia is using is from New York, the place where they started their lives separately and where they plan to start a family together.

The couple then signed their marriage certificate, jumped the broom and sealed their marriage with a kiss! Toward the end of their recessional, they each reached out to their parents. The phenomenal Keith Claytor of Time Frozen Photography captured this singular moment!


The newlyweds shared their first few minutes as husband and wife privately while their guests  and I headed inside to an upper floor of the Surf Club for the cocktail hour.  We enjoyed the beautiful view of the Long Island Sound as we dined and gushed about the gorgeous, palpable depth of Nia and Nigel’s commitment to each other. Later, the reception was filled with the joy of this new chapter in Nia and Nigel’s lives so much so that when their fantastic dj, DJ Anonymous DC, played Back That A** Up Nigel needed some assistance!

Here’s how Nia describes this joyful scene, “So apparently this pic from our wedding reception legit went viral this weekend. we're just glad we could put smiles on some faces, especially during times like these. Back That A** Up was absolutely the song playing and our wedding was definitely as fun as it looks!”  

Indeed, this truly was a swagalicious, modern, fairy-tale wedding. I am delighted to have been a part of this authentic celebration of love, marriage, family and fun. The stellar cast of professionals that Nia and Nigel assembled made the entire experience a joy!



Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Nia: Decide on what's most important to you about the wedding and focus on those items early on. Stay true to what you and your fiancé want because the two of your opinions are the ones that matter most. Lastly, remember that the marriage is more important than the wedding.

Nigel: Do your research so you can be as helpful as possible to your fiancé. Get your groomsmen and bridesmaids on the same page as you and your fiancé and keep a paper trail with your vendors.

Anything you are really glad you did?

Or wish you didn’t?  

Nia: I'm really glad we took lots of time after we were engaged to focus on our relationship first. Spending that time on us made it easier to plan the wedding around what was truly important to us and to eliminate elements that weren't necessary. I don't have any regrets :)

Nigel: I'm glad we had no children at the reception because it allowed our guests to enjoy themselves without having to keep up with their kids. No regrets!

From the Photo Booth, Credit:

From the Photo Booth, Credit:

Any stand out vendors from your wedding?

Nia: I was VERY selective about each and every vendor we hired and it definitely paid off. Of course Kim was AMAZING. She set the tone for the rest of the day - focusing on our love for each other, our family, and friends. Our guests are still raving about both her and the DJ. Our day-of coordinator, Victoria was so great. I don't know what I would have done without her and her team that day.

Nigel: Our photographers Keith and Chinenye were PHENOMENAL. Keith really got to know us and we all hit it off instantly. We dubbed him “Cousin Keith.” He had great ideas for unique shots and he stayed with us all day long.


When you are looking for a wedding officiant/Celebrant for your ceremony, families I have worked with will tell you that Kim Kirkley of Our Elegant Ceremony is always the easy choice! An experienced ceremony and communication specialist, declared "The Officiant" by New York magazine, I delight in helping each couple authentically and meaningfully enjoy their walk down the aisle. My goal is to create a singular experience where everyone feels more alive and euphoric than when the ceremony began!


Wedding Planner: Victoria of Victorious Events NYC

Photographer: Keith Claytor of Time Frozen Photography

Venue, Catering, Cake & Rehearsal Venue: Surf Club on the Sound

Photo Booth: Freckled Dragon Entertainment

Flowers: Diva Blooms

DJ & Emcee: DJ Anonymous

Makeup Artist: Makeup Entice

Videographer: Mae B. Films

Dress: Ines Di Santo via Bridal Reflections NYC

Rings: Hers, Zales and His, Kay Jewelers

Bridesmaids Dresses: Adrianna Papel

Centerpieces and Throne Chair Rentals: Exceptional Party Rentals

Dance Instructor: Dancing Together

Hotel: Residence Inn

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Andrea and Nan Featured Wedding Review


What’s a Toastmasters' wedding? Well, a Toastmaster is a member of the premiere international public speaking and leadership organization. Of course, I cannot define every Toastmasters’ wedding, but I am a Toastmaster and a Celebrant who had the honor of marrying two beautiful Toastmasters. I am thrilled to share a little of the glow of their wedding here.

Ceremony space,   Deity  , Brooklyn

Ceremony space, Deity, Brooklyn


I met my stellar brides, Nan Min, Ph.D. and Andrea Christie, Ph.D., during my tenure as President of Pride Toastmasters. Their love story is the stuff of legend! They met at an Argentine Tango class and rather quickly noticed that a remarkable, synergistic chemistry ignites when they are together.

Photo credit   Luis Flores

Photo credit Luis Flores


When they became engaged to marry, they talked with each other about asking me to co-create and officiate their wedding ceremony. However, fate beat them to it! During a Pride Toastmasters holiday raffle, I offered a Happiness and Authentic Success Coaching package as  a prize. One of our members politely chided me, saying, “I want Kim to offer a wedding ceremony!” I was on the spot! Families who have worked with me will tell you that my ceremonies are a premium offering and worth every penny. I was hesitant but I remember thinking, what is the likelihood that anyone is engaged at this moment and would actually have their raffle ticket pulled from the bag. With this in mind, I say, “Sure! I will donate a wedding ceremony package.” Then, I pull the next raffle ticket out of the bag and Nan starts to come forward to accept her prize. Then she quickly turns back to the crowd and takes Andrea’s hand and they both come forward! They are amazed and so am I. They had recently become engaged! It was so new that they hadn’t even told some of their key loved ones of their plans! All of my reservations melted away because I was so happy for them and delighted that I would have the honor of serving as their Celebrant!

As the weeks unfolded they told me that they value my craft and intended to ask me to officiate anyway, so they insisted on paying me! That is just a glimmer of how phenomenal they are. We discovered that a non-religious ceremony that focused on universal values and their love for each other, their family and friends, would be the best way to celebrate their marriage.

What a celebration we had! Deity is a great place for a wedding. From the doorman to the venue manager to the bar staff, everyone is charming and happy to help. The ceremony space is warm, sparkling and inviting. The interplay of candle lights and the brick walls creates a classic yet contemporary setting. I love performing weddings at Deity!

Photo credit   Luis Flores

Photo credit Luis Flores


In fact, their wedding was so phenomenal that it was hand selected for coverage by the New York Times twice! Once for their personal accomplishments and the marriage itself and the second time for their exquisite style! It's always fun to see how couples from every background (lesbian, gay, trans, religious, non-religious, interfaith, classic, contemporary, quirky etc.) express themselves on their wedding day. Andrea and Nan's elegant style sparkled on every level!

When you are looking for a wedding officiant/Celebrant for your wedding ceremony, families I have worked with will tell you that Kim Kirkley of Our Elegant Ceremony is always the easy choice! An experienced ceremony and communication specialist, declared"The Officiant" by New York magazine, I delight in helping each couple authentically and meaningfully enjoy their walk down the aisle as the ceremony invokes an experience where everyone feels more alive and euphoric than when the ceremony began!

Indeed, Andrea and Nan’s wedding ceremony was a joy to be a part of it. It was enhanced by the contributions of the stellar vendors listed below.


Photographer: Luis Flores

Tuxedo and Gown Designer: Jussara Lee

Make-up Artist: Tishonna Ferguson

String Quartet, Natalie Kress, Elizabeth MacCorquodale, Jay Yiu, Miho Zaitsu

Dance Party DJ's: Leigh Christie and Kara Henderson

Wedding Favor Designer: Sam Graves

Caricature Artist: Ruben Min

Venue: Deity



Nuria and Raven Featured Wedding Review

Nuria & Raven (On Air - Good Morning America)

Nuria and Raven's love story is so genuine and memorable that they won a stellar all-inclusive wedding on Good Morning America! I had the honor of being their officiant. Here are some of the many highlights!


When you hear “Wide World of Weddings” what comes to mind? For the couples I married in the Good Morning America studios, it can only mean one thing -- an extravaganza! For 24 hours Good Morning America live streamed wedding celebrations all around the world from Britain, Scotland, Korea and right here in Times Square, New York City!


I had the privilege of performing three of these wonderful weddings. For a behind the scenes perspective of what it was like to participate in this phenomenal event, I interviewed, Nuria and Raven!

 Here’s what Nuria and Raven say about being in the contest, “Entering in the Good Morning America contest was the best decision we could've ever made! We thought about eloping or even having a very small intimate beach wedding but the experience we had was beyond our biggest dreams."


I did my best to stay centered in the ceremony discernment process that has helped me to create memorable one-of-a-kind ceremonies for nearly 14 years. I interviewed the couple via FaceTime and the three of us decided that a God-centered, traditional Christian wedding ceremony with their love story being woven into the script, symbolically and literally would be the best fit for them. In order to help create a wedding ceremony experience that would genuinely reflect their union and vision for the future, I asked this lovely bride and groom about their initial attraction to each other, the characteristics of the love that is leading them to their beautiful commitment and the love that intertwines their lives with family and friends. The result was outstanding!


On-air, their wedding began to unfold with some fun chit-chat with ABC News Correspondent Mara Schiavocampo.



Then, Raven, Nuria’s handsome groom was ready to see his lovely bride for the first time on their wedding day!


Escorted by her father, Nuria was gracefully presented, as we honored her mother, father, family and friends for the all of the love and care that they offered our beautiful bride her entire life. Nuria was gorgeous in her Kleinfeld wedding gown and I believe her groom and many of us fought back a tear or two. As a love story ceremony specialist, I really enjoyed describing their first meeting.A wedding is often a time of intense emotions and reflection upon the ideals that really matter in life. Nuria is exceedingly happy to share this day with her mother and father. Both of her parents have dedicated themselves to her happiness in many, many ways. In these cherished moments, Nuria honors her mother for all that she has done for her and the ways that she has given of herself. We also highlight the joys of the relationship between a devoted father and a loving daughter. Indeed, the bonds between parent and child embody some of the most precious ties of our world. In these sacred moments, as Mr. Kalifah stands before us, Nuria’s father represents all of us, as he also represents his wife and their family, and today in a special gesture he symbolizes his own love for his daughter. Mindful of these values, ‘Who presents this woman to be married to this man?’ If you would like to view Raven and Nuria’s wedding ceremony, click here.


Interview with the Couple

1. Anything you are really glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do?

"Entering in the Good Morning America contest was the best decision we could've ever made! We thought about eloping or even having a very small intimate beach wedding but the experience we have was beyond our biggest dreams."

2. Any stand out vendors from your wedding? Who did you connect with? Who went above and beyond?

"Kim.... We truly loved our ceremony!! Our family/friends all over the country thought we knew you before the ceremony because it was so personal! We truly felt like it was specially designed just for us."

"We absolutely loved our engagement photographer Rhea Whitney. Our photo shoot at the United States Capitol was absolutely breathtaking!"


I continue to hold Nuria and Raven and their distinct love story in my heart. They have so much in common and a truly inspiring love story! Thank you Nuria and Raven and the staff of Good Morning America for this honor!Here are some more beautiful images from the other ceremonies I performed for Good Morning America on that magical day! Here is a quick video clip of one of the grooms’ vision for his family, and some comments from the couple!


For many years I have been the go-to-teacher of professional Officiants and Celebrants. Having been declared, “The Officiant” by New York magazine, families whose milestone events I celebrate will tell you that choosing to work with me is always the easy choice! I delight in helping each couple authentically and meaningfully enjoy their walk down the aisle, as the ceremony invokes an experience where everyone feels more alive and euphoric than when it began! It is also a joy to work with the amazing wedding professionals like the ones that the Good Morning America staff assembled. For example, the wedding photographer, Roberto Falck of Roberto Falck Photography did a phenomenal job of capturing the memories of this once in a life time experience. As you might imagine, Good Morning America invited the best of the best vendors to participate in this remarkable experience. It is my joy to share these ceremonies with the seasoned, stellar professionals listed below.


Wedding Photographer: Roberto Falck Photography

Engagement Photographer: Rhea Whitney Photography

Florist: Good Morning America

Venue: Good Morning America Studios

Dress: Kleinfield Bridal

Reception Gown: David's Bridal

Catering Reception Dinner: Del Fresco's Double Eagle Steak

Rings: Zales

Hair Stylist: Ann Hanible of Encore Hair Boutique LLC

Makeup: Good Morning America

Videographer: Good Morning America

Shoes: Davids Bridal

Travel Agent: Erica McKinney at CruzDiva

Other Desserts: Desserts by Gerard

Accommodations: New York Marriott Marquis 1535 

The Couple also really loved their engagement photo shoot and their wonderful photographer, Rhea Whitney. Photo by   Rhea Whitney Photography .

The Couple also really loved their engagement photo shoot and their wonderful photographer, Rhea Whitney. Photo by  Rhea Whitney Photography.

Irim & Mahmud!


Irim and Mahmud wed at the gorgeous Park Savoy Estate, Florham Park, New Jersey, an idyllic oasis just minutes from New York City. 



Their non-religious, love story ceremony was authentically theirs and unforgettable! The Park Savoy Estate with its lush gardens, historic and serene courtyard provided the perfect setting for this heart-centered wedding ceremony! 



Although initially they were not interested in marriage coaching sessions, after the first session they told me that they found the tips I shared to be really helpful! Another benefit of coaching is that I really get to know and love the couples I marry.  With this always being my goal, I must say I especially adore and appreciate Irim and Mahmud, a pediatric anesthesiologist and a vice president of an investment firm because their hearts are even more beautiful than their impressive careers. By the way, their wedding was featured in the New York Times.  



Their custom-tailored wedding ceremony celebrated the transformative power of love in all of its forms -- the love of parents for their child; the love of peers who pledge their lives to each other; the love that unites family and friends.



This is how we celebrated the exchange of Irim and Mahmud's rings:

"Rings are an ancient symbol. Circles-the symbol of unity, of wholeness, and of perfection; of the sun, the earth, and the universe. These rings are singular and individual, yet they represent a unity that has no beginning and no end."

On this sprawling, peaceful estate, we were able to create an experience that invited all in attendance to connect with the love that lives in every heart. 

The Park Savoy Estate

The Park Savoy Estate


There are so many beautiful places for pictures and for your guests to explore the splendor that is the Park Savoy Estate and GlenMar Photographers did an outstanding job documenting these once in a lifetime moments.

Also, the staff at the Park Savoy Estate is top notch! Every one is professional, welcoming and attentive to the needs of the couple, their guests and vendors. Performing a wedding at the Park Savoy Estate and collaborating with the exemplary team of staff and professionals was a magical experience. 

When you are looking for a wedding officiant/Celebrant for your wedding ceremony, families I have worked with will tell you that Kim Kirkley of Our Elegant Ceremony is always the easy choice! An experienced ceremony and communication specialist, declared "The Officiant" by New York magazine, I delight in helping each couple authentically and meaningfully enjoy their walk down the aisle as the ceremony invokes an experience where everyone feels more alive and euphoric than when the ceremony began!

And I love collaborating with wedding professionals like the amazing ones listed below!


Photographers: GlenMar Photographers 

Flowers: Teaneck Flower Shop

 Venue: Park Savoy Estate 

Rings: David S. Diamonds 

Invitations: Fourteen-Forty

 Music: Choimatic

Dance Instructor: Wedding Day Dance

 Cake:  A Little Cake