I didn't grow up loving weddings. I have attended too many mumbled, name bungled, long-winded, patriarchal, and sometimes blatantly offensive ceremonies to profess a love for weddings. In fact, there were moments that I dreaded attending a wedding ceremony. Aside from seeing families members and sometimes the couples’ vows, it seemed like most people where just going through the motions. It could be any bride, groom or officiant standing before us, not really present – just waiting for the big party to begin. Ho hum.

It wasn’t until I learned about the love movement for personalized, authentic ceremonies, that I fell in love with the singular power of rituals to celebrate and navigate the human experience. Now, I love to create, attend and celebrate authentic, personalized, love movement ceremonies.  These ceremonies are focused more on sincerity than pageantry. The intention is to create a singular experience where guests do not focus so much on the beautiful dress or the bling, but are elevated by the transcendent unifying sense of love the personalized ceremony invokes. Regardless of sexual orientation or belief system, love based ceremonies, remind every listener – family member, guest, and yes, even vendors – that simply being alive is extraordinary, love is the strongest power in the universe and that we each have love in our lives!

When approached with sincerity and an open-mind, under the guidance of a seasoned ceremony expert, a wedding ceremony has the potential to be an extraordinary, life-affirming experience for everyone. I like to say “I tell love stories for a living” and I love bringing these kinds of distinctive, memorable experiences to couples and their loved ones. My former brides and grooms tell me that years and years later, their families and friends tell them that the ceremony we celebrated is a cherished memory and often the best wedding ceremony they ever experienced.

If you would like to see if a one-of-a-kind, love story, love movement wedding ceremony might be right for you and your loved ones, I invite you to meet with me and see if our collaboration is a good fit!