LGBT Ceremonies

Welcome!  As a member of the community and a former LGBT civil rights attorney, I am thrilled to perform LGBT ceremonies. Perhaps you are not sure how to get the ceremony you truly desire; you and your beloved have waited a long-time for this. Maybe there were days when you didn't believe this would happen in your life-time. Now that same-sex marriage is legal in New York State, you are thrilled to be formally launching your lives together, but a mass-wedding or a quickie, cookie-cutter ceremony just won’t do. Maybe you are interfaith (Jewish-Christian, Muslim-Jewish, Christian-Muslim, etc.), spiritual but not religious, or strictly secular. Whatever your situation -- you know you want more than a City Hall or Clerk's Office Ceremony. Your wedding is about something more than "making it legal" and being recognized by the state.

There is a solution. If you find an officiant who approaches your ceremony the right way, your wedding ceremony does not have to be stressful. In fact, it should be the highlight of your special day and a celebration of the love that has so profoundly changed your lives. It doesn't matter whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, a wedding ceremony is a singular event in our lives. It is one of the few occasions where we have the chance to be together and notice how wonderful it is to be alive. That is I why I love to create and perform elegant, meaningful, individually-crafted wedding ceremonies that reflect each couples truest desires. No cookie cutter ceremonies! 

I am a ceremony expert who honors and respects all beliefs and traditions – spiritual, secular and religious. And, I use my (NYU trained) voice acting skills to create a vibrant ceremony experience for all to hear and appreciate. Most importantly, couples have ‘word for word’ approval of the entire text of their wedding ceremony.

I performed the First Same-Sex Marriage at the Empire State Building and went on to perform the first same-sex weddings at many notable establishments from the Plaza Hotel to Riker's Island Jail.

Here is an excerpt from the Empire State Building Valentine's Day wedding:

"In their eighteen year journey of love and trust, they have shared so much together -- finding true love, life’s wins and losses, illnesses, vacations, the marriages, deaths and divorces of family and friends. Through it all they have drawn strength from the fact that they have each other. Their relationship has been their reward and now that marriage equality has become the law of New York State they are thrilled to celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging the vows that will be recorded and respected throughout the ages! Love has triumphed and now it is official!"