Andrea and Nan Featured Wedding Review


What’s a Toastmasters' wedding? Well, a Toastmaster is a member of the premiere international public speaking and leadership organization. Of course, I cannot define every Toastmasters’ wedding, but I am a Toastmaster and a Celebrant who had the honor of marrying two beautiful Toastmasters. I am thrilled to share a little of the glow of their wedding here.

Ceremony space,   Deity  , Brooklyn

Ceremony space, Deity, Brooklyn


I met my stellar brides, Nan Min, Ph.D. and Andrea Christie, Ph.D., during my tenure as President of Pride Toastmasters. Their love story is the stuff of legend! They met at an Argentine Tango class and rather quickly noticed that a remarkable, synergistic chemistry ignites when they are together.

Photo credit   Luis Flores

Photo credit Luis Flores


When they became engaged to marry, they talked with each other about asking me to co-create and officiate their wedding ceremony. However, fate beat them to it! During a Pride Toastmasters holiday raffle, I offered a Happiness and Authentic Success Coaching package as  a prize. One of our members politely chided me, saying, “I want Kim to offer a wedding ceremony!” I was on the spot! Families who have worked with me will tell you that my ceremonies are a premium offering and worth every penny. I was hesitant but I remember thinking, what is the likelihood that anyone is engaged at this moment and would actually have their raffle ticket pulled from the bag. With this in mind, I say, “Sure! I will donate a wedding ceremony package.” Then, I pull the next raffle ticket out of the bag and Nan starts to come forward to accept her prize. Then she quickly turns back to the crowd and takes Andrea’s hand and they both come forward! They are amazed and so am I. They had recently become engaged! It was so new that they hadn’t even told some of their key loved ones of their plans! All of my reservations melted away because I was so happy for them and delighted that I would have the honor of serving as their Celebrant!

As the weeks unfolded they told me that they value my craft and intended to ask me to officiate anyway, so they insisted on paying me! That is just a glimmer of how phenomenal they are. We discovered that a non-religious ceremony that focused on universal values and their love for each other, their family and friends, would be the best way to celebrate their marriage.

What a celebration we had! Deity is a great place for a wedding. From the doorman to the venue manager to the bar staff, everyone is charming and happy to help. The ceremony space is warm, sparkling and inviting. The interplay of candle lights and the brick walls creates a classic yet contemporary setting. I love performing weddings at Deity!

Photo credit   Luis Flores

Photo credit Luis Flores


In fact, their wedding was so phenomenal that it was hand selected for coverage by the New York Times twice! Once for their personal accomplishments and the marriage itself and the second time for their exquisite style! It's always fun to see how couples from every background (lesbian, gay, trans, religious, non-religious, interfaith, classic, contemporary, quirky etc.) express themselves on their wedding day. Andrea and Nan's elegant style sparkled on every level!

When you are looking for a wedding officiant/Celebrant for your wedding ceremony, families I have worked with will tell you that Kim Kirkley of Our Elegant Ceremony is always the easy choice! An experienced ceremony and communication specialist, declared"The Officiant" by New York magazine, I delight in helping each couple authentically and meaningfully enjoy their walk down the aisle as the ceremony invokes an experience where everyone feels more alive and euphoric than when the ceremony began!

Indeed, Andrea and Nan’s wedding ceremony was a joy to be a part of it. It was enhanced by the contributions of the stellar vendors listed below.


Photographer: Luis Flores

Tuxedo and Gown Designer: Jussara Lee

Make-up Artist: Tishonna Ferguson

String Quartet, Natalie Kress, Elizabeth MacCorquodale, Jay Yiu, Miho Zaitsu

Dance Party DJ's: Leigh Christie and Kara Henderson

Wedding Favor Designer: Sam Graves

Caricature Artist: Ruben Min

Venue: Deity