Agnieszka and John Featured Wedding Review!


Arch near King Jagiello statue, Central Park

An Intimate Central Park Wedding!

Since about 25 million people visit Central Park each year, the phrase "intimate Central Park wedding," may seem impossible. Having performed many, many weddings all over Central Park in places like the Ladies Pavilion, Bethesda Terrace and the Conservatory Gardens with park goers as witnesses and well-wishes, I wasn't sure Central Park could deliver. I am glad to report that I was wrong! My brilliant bride and groom found a quiet waterfront spot in this romantic, iconic, 843 acre oasis. Perhaps, even more magically they managed to find a location that aligns with the bride's culture!

In fact, every aspect of this thoughtful, non-religious couple's special day seemed to unfold effortlessly. Under clear skies, I met the couple and their two witnesses at the 79th Street and Fifth Avenue entrance to the Park. While walking to Turtle Pond, the wedding location, we passed under the gorgeous arch pictured above and where treated to a lovely version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow! 

A Cultural Connection

King Jaiello Statue, Central Park

King Jaiello Statue, Central Park

The Ceremony

Although the statue is being repaired and does not look like the gorgeous image in this post, the bride told me of how King Jaiello ushered in a golden age in Poland until thwarted by the Nazis. It was lovely to hear her speak of her homeland and learn a bit of this inspiring history. It was also fun to note that depending of the angle the legendary apartment building, the Dakota, and the Belvedere Castle, are a part of the background. 

Before we knew it we arrived at a serene spot along Turtle Pond. The wedding party and I formed a circle. We all teared up a bit as they exchanged the vows that each had written from the heart, honoring their 5-year journey of love and trust. Then I saluted them for all that they had experienced and heralded the grand adventure ahead as they go forward as husband and wife!


Agnieszka, John and Kim Kirkley, Celebrant

Agnieszka, John and Kim Kirkley, Celebrant

Wedding Crashers

However, everything was not hunky-dory. There was a trio of wedding crashers!


We decided to celebrate anyway!


P.S. The happy couple will revisit the statue of King Jaiello on their first anniversary!