Many people have asked me how I left practicing law and became a joyful Celebrant and Certified Happiness Coach.  Well, its quite a story but I’ll give you the abbreviated version of it.  Like you, I knew more about my unhappiness than I knew about how I could be happy. 

I made a commitment to myself many years ago to find a way to return to peace in my life so I began to study many different paths.  I read every book on faith and spirituality I could get my hands on and I took courses at the Open Center in New York City.  I talked to experts and essentially I became my own mini-expert on peace and spirituality.

Two years after beginning this journey to peace, I learned about the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.  They were introducing a new way to affirm people from every belief system.  Instantly, I knew that this was the right path for me.  I would have the opportunity to share the peace I had found with people in a non-judgmental, warm and engaging way.

As a Celebrant I have the opportunity to honor and respect all beliefs and traditions – secular, spiritual, interfaith and religious.  Everyone can feel safe with me.  I have dedicated my professional life to helping couples who think outside of the “religion box” experience a wedding ceremony that sounds and feels like them, affirming their union and herald the grand adventure that lays ahead. Helping people joyfully and meaningfully celebrate their unions is extremely rewarding to me.

My couples have made me who I am today.  I’ve established my own spiritual group, worked with more than 700 brides and grooms, spoken in front of groups of hundreds of people and created The Tune into Happiness SystemTM.  My life has changed in other ways too.  As a Certified Happiness and Authentic Success Coach, I am able to help you tune into your happiness as well. 

It is a joy and an honor to help couples discern whether I am the right person to help them to celebrate this love that has so beautifully and powerfully changed their lives.