Life Story Funerals

  • Do you wish you could honor your loved one's life with authenticity and elegance, regardless of belief system or background?
  • Perhaps a funeral completely directed by religious or cultural traditions is not right for the deceased or your family? 
  • With a life story funeral nothing is imposed! Everything is dedicated to representing the departed, sincerely and meaningfully.

A life story funeral, crafted and delivered by Celebrant Kim Kirkley, is a meaningful tribute to a deceased person’s life. Every effort is made to capture the very essence of the person who has left their body and celebrate their enduring spirit.  

An excerpt from a Life Story Funeral:
Never a very social person, when people came over to the house and he had enough, Eddie would just disappear. Someone would find him downstairs fixing something that didn’t need to be fixed. His family laughs remembering the paper doll with the broken neck that Erica gave him as a seven or eight year old that he finally fixed when she was 20 years old! Yet, Eddie was quite handy, he could fix anything. In fact, he was known to his family as “Mr. Fix-it!"

The loss of a loved one is an emotional and difficult time. There are many decisions to be made in a short amount of time and under a great deal of stress. Every individual and family has different wants and needs for a funeral, memorial or home-going service.  

My mission is to craft and deliver a dignified, personalized ceremony, that is carefully tailored to commemorate your loved one's life and parting.  Above all, the ceremony will reflect the wishes of the deceased and the family and may include readings, music, poetry or any other symbols that reflects your beloved's beginnings, key moments, experiences and relationships.

As your Funeral Celebrant, I will offer guidance on selections and compile reflections by speaking with the ones who loved the deceased and the ceremony will be crafted and centered on your memories with your word-for-word approval.

Thank you very much for the beautiful service you rendered yesterday to honor my father’s life and love for his family. My mother spoke very highly of you and her guests were also commenting on your elegance and professionalism. My mother sounded relieved for the first time in the past half year and it is partly because with your help, she had the means to say good bye to my father the way he deserved it.
Thank you again.
— Gabriella

Pre-Need Services:  Making plans ahead of time for your own funeral or that of a loved one can ease the stress of a very difficult time.  No need to wait until your loved one crosses over to begin creating a meaningful tribute to their life.  In fact, it is better to start collecting the stories, wishes and memories that represent their life before they cross over.

If a loved one has crossed over and you are interested in a Life Story Funeral, please click below for a no obligation consultation to see if this is a good fit.  

It would be my honor to memorialize your loved one.